The story of Islam entering Australia.
The story of Islam entering Australia.

The story of Islam entering Australia.

Australia’s Indigenous people

– Spans the history of Australia to the nearly 60,000 a year, and it was the Australian Aborigines lived in all parts of the continent, but new evidence appeared and revealed that their presence in deserts, and in the law goes back further than previously thought and has become indigenous Australians isolated before the 58000 years, and it is considered the oldest civilization in the world .

Recent studies have shown that Indigenous peoples have lived in the desert for at least 50,000 years, and researchers have come to this conclusion as they discover approximately 25,000 stone artifacts taken from a desert rock shelter in Karnataka.

– And among the important discoveries found by the researchers is the meet early, and the tool is tapered with a sharp edge and the other has weakened, where this tool can be used as a character or as a device to address the timber, and that tool is old about 43,000 years old, no more than 15,000 years older than the civilizations similar .


The beginning of relations between Muslims and Australians.

– The first was the arrival of the Muslims in the year he – 1850 m; when the reception concluded, the Australian Government 12, Explorer the desert with 120 sentences, and that carry out operations of exploration in the jungles of the Australian desert, and then followed the migration of Muslims to Australia.

– And there were many relationships between the Australian people and Muslims, and through the caravan trade, and researchers have found that there are inscriptions on ancient stones indicate that there was a prayer performed by people and it was very much similar to the prayers of the Muslims, and given the history of the marriages of these people, we will find that there are Muslims held the corners of the women’s Australian, and thus introduced Islamic beliefs in Australia .

– And add to that some of the attacks from Afghanistan and India, which have contributed to the spread of Islam, where they built mosques, and set up loops flag, according to the census of the population in Australia in 2011, there are 1140 people from the indigenous population to identify themselves as Muslims, and had seen the indigenous population convert to Islam, he will tell them of bad habits that existed then and control them .


Current Muslims in Australia

Noted one recent study that has reached the Muslim population of 800,000, and are accounted for 3.18% of the total population of 20 million people, and the religion of Islam, second after Christianity, and concentrated Muslims in Melbourne and Sydney, and in Australia 60 a mosque, and is published in many newspapers in Arabic, English, and Urdu, such as the Journal of the house, and the light, and Islam is published by the Union of Muslim students .