God forbid the fire on anyone who says, " there is no God but Allah."
God forbid the fire on anyone who says, ” there is no God but Allah.”


God forbid the fire on anyone who says, ” there is no God but Allah.”

Of the attitudes of the prophet in which a lot of benefits and the arts, issues streptococcus and jurisprudence, the location of his blessings with his companions in the Hadeeth of the ibn Malik al-Ansari Al-Khazraji may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that Mahmoud Ibn spring may Allah be pleased with him: (to the bin of the owner, the owners of my blessings who witnessed Badr of the protagonists: he came to the messenger of Allah, peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah, I denied my eyesight (went visual), I pray for my people, if the rain Sal the fact that between me and them, I couldn’t come to their mosque to pray to them, – I wanted, O Messenger of Allah you come to pray in my house, the chapel, said: I will, God willing. Then he said: “Where Would you like me to pray from your house?” So I pointed to a side of the house, and he was bowed down, and we kept him in flour, cooking with lard, and there was a crowd in the house. one of them said, ” Where is the owner of the House?” They said, ” that is a hypocrite. God and his messenger do not love God.”: There is no God but God.he desires the face of God. He said, ” Allah and his messenger knoweth best. verily we see his face and his advice to the hypocrites.”

The nuke said in his explanation of Muslim truth, in stating some of the benefits and lessons of that situation and prophetic talk,: In it is the visit of the virtuous ones and the Companions of the imam and the rest of the world. the best part of the daily prayer is that you be like the prayer of the good people and their neighbours. meet with him, bring his council to visit him, honour him, and take advantage of him. It says it’s okay to stay in prayer at a certain place in the house, but it says it’s good to talk. About its theme of the mosque for fear of showing off about it, and who (defence) who reported misconduct is innocent of it, and it does not create in the people died on the uniformity, in which otherwise God knows”. So he said to his face,” the son of a muted mother was blind from his mother’s belly, and the like of him is not followed by fatigue.”

The son of Stone said, “This is the blind Imam, And to think of corruption in religion at the imam on hand advice nor is it the absence of, and for the imam to be verified at that and gets it on the face of everyone, and the lack of missed everyone but an excuse, and it is not enough faith in the pronunciation of non-adoption, and it creates in the people who died on standardization, and it al-Bukhari:.. And that the imam, when he visits their nation, and when he eats the desert, his companion is saved, and that whoever confers upon him a companion [to Allah], there is no denying and no denying.

Treating and judging by appearances.:

The one who guided and created (the Prophet) said: “the authority of the manifest is cut off. the master of mankind will conduct all Affairs on its own merits, even though he knows their affairs.” It is full of clear arguments and the saying of the one who spoke to the owner of Al-Hashin (the Prophet): “do not see him.” he said: “there is no God but Allah. Even so is the story of Osama bin Zayd, the famous one who said, “there is no God but God.” did you kill him after he said, “there is no God but God”? He said: O Messenger of Allah! he was only a sorcerer. And in ” Did you break his heart so you’d know that’s why he said it or not?” no… In this is a clear sign that the obvious must be judged, that the obvious must be warned and that what is in the hearts must be judged without evidence.

He preferred the word “God”: there is no God but God. :

Testimony that no God but God: the origin of religion-based, meaning no god except Allah, and preferred by Allah the great, and what a blessed treat to this nation is to enter paradise those who died of them and he knows and believes that there is no god except Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of God, has God said: {God does not forgive that engages him and covers to}(women:116), said Saadi:”As for what without the company of the sins he is under the will, Insha Allah forgave him in his mercy and his wisdom, and if he wills he will punish him and his Justice and his wisdom”.

And of the grace of the word “there is no God but God” in response to what was said about the man who said, “there is no God but God.” then the Prophet said, “God has forbidden him from the fire, who says,” there is no God but God, seeking the face of God.”
Indeed, whoever dies knowing that there is no God but Allah will enter paradise. And from my father is a well-pleased sister… So whoever you meet behind this wall bears witness that there is no God but God, with whose heart is full of certainty, give him good tidings of paradise. And in a speech, he said: “Do I witness that there is no God but Allah and that I am the messenger of Allah?” So whoever dies, there is no God but Allah, who do not bring anything, he may enter the fire, and he may be forgiven. and if he is punished, his destination is paradise. He said, ” and if he commits adultery, He said, ” and if he commits adultery, He said, “if he commits adultery, and if he steals against my father’ s nose, he will be disgraced.” And Abu Zar, when it happened, said, ” even though my father had a nose, he told him about the Steam.”

The story of the Prophet carries with it many lessons, and the one who ponders the life of the Prophet sees his wisdom, and from that when one of them said, ” God is pleased with him .this is a hypocrite who does not love God and his messenger.”. Allah forbiddeth him who saith: There is no God but Allah, seeking the countenance of Allah.