What are the five Elements of Islam?

What are the five Elements of Islam?
What are the five Elements of Islam?



Islam is the foundation of every community, as well as the Islamic community, which is based on the Islamic Shariah. the rules of Islam have been sent down upon our Lord, so that he may teach it to all mankind.


Elements of Islam:

The Prophet of Allah said, ” testify that there is no God but Allah, and establish prayer, pay the poor-rate, and the pilgrimage to the house, and fast Ramadan.” The noble Messenger has gathered the pillars on which a person’s Islam is based, and no one is considered a Muslim unless he brings them forward and believes them. these pillars also have the advantage of being visible where a slave performs in his wounds.



And it is not possible for a person to surrender without associating anyone with him, and to believe that Allah is the creator and the controller of all things of life and that he is the provider.


Prayer is the religion, and it is not true that one should submit (to Allah) without believing in it. Allah has ordained five prayers on the day and the night; and whoever increases, he only earns more.

Give the Zakat

Zakat is giving money from rich cash really poor, this is Zakah a balance between sons of the community, in view of its importance has made them God of health conditions, the Islam of a slave.


It is intended here that believes a slave when he entered in Islam to visit the sacred house and perform the hajj is obligatory of obligatory prayers which must be performed when the power to it, the right of the communities to the Almighty when performed by the slave in the correct format it returns as pure from sins as his mother made him.

Ramadan fast

The latest The Five Pillars of Islam fasting Ramadan, where the worship of fasting is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman is from the business that you choose by God himself.